Battery service

Battery life is between 1 and 10 years. Only one type of battery is suitable for each watch model. Over the years the watch components can tear, causing greater power consumption, which can shorten battery life. After replacing the batteries in a specialist store, the watch remains waterproof!

Case and bracelet refurbishing

Do you want to bring back the original glow on your watch? Come into our store and let us polish it! With this method, we can restore not only the glass of the watch to its orginal condition, but also the metal straps and the case of the watch. By using a special machine, we make old watches, watch straps and other accessories clean and shiny again.


Under specific circumstances (near a cell phone, TV, magnetic lock), the watch may “magnetize,” which can lead to the watch being late or can even make it stop. As part of our service, we investigate these kinds of problems and demagnetize the structure of the watch to restore it to its original condition.

Water resistance test

The water resistance of watches is ensured by the rubber seals, which last 3 years with average use. Due to the rubber material, the seals also age when they get in contact with air, so we recommend for the watch to be checked regularly for water resistance.

Complete watch service

You can extend the life of your luxury watch while maintaining the original, factory quality! For most mechanical watches, a complete maintenance is recommended after 3-5 years, depending on the brand. This service includes disassembling, cleaning, reassembling the watch and, if necessary, replacing and repairing worn parts and setting the watch accurately.

Authenticity check

If you purchased your watch from an unofficial reseller, we can help you check its authenticity. With the exact knowledge of the characteristics of the given watch brand and by examining all the details of the watch structure, we can determine with complete certainty whether we are dealing with an original or a remanufactured model. We provide a written statement about the authenticity of the watch.

Final quality check

The watch is controlled using a specially developed device. (By using a multi-position computer diagnostic testing, we can further refine the watch’s performance.) It is controlled by a fine-tuning control system that is a feature of the caliber. Accuracy can be adjusted almost every second by moving an eccentric slider.

Other surface treatment

High and prolonged exposure to water, high humidity and direct sunlight will make the watch straps age faster and shorten their life-span. Even the best quality stainless steel buckles can be damaged by chemicals, which changes the quality and the colour of the buckle. The previously mentioned problems can significantly shorten the lifespan of leather, rubber and polyurethane straps. If you notice any changes n the strap of your watch, feel free to contact us!


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