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Our company’s main profile is the trade of Swiss luxury watches, the purchase of unique pieces, as well as their repair, maintenance and servicing, in which we specialise.

We carry out watch movement repairs with the high quality and professionalism of the watch brands we represent, with particular attention to precision and the artistic details of the watches. Almost two decades of experience in servicing luxury watches guarantee our reliable work.

The batteries have a lifetime of between 1 and 10 years. For each model, only one type can be used, which is appropriate for the model. Over the years, wear and tear on the watch’s components can cause higher current demands, which can reduce the life of the batteries. After a battery replacement at a specialist workshop, the watch remains waterproof!

Want to get your watch back to its original shine? Stop by our shop to have it polished! Not only the glass of watches, but also metal watch bands and watch cases can be restored to their former glory. And with a special machine, we can also make old watches, watch straps and other accessories clean and shiny again.

Under certain circumstances (even near a mobile phone, TV, magnetic lock), the clock may become “magnetised”, which can lead to delays or even stoppages. We will investigate the problem and demagnetise the structure to restore it to its original condition.

The water resistance of the watches is ensured by the rubber seals, which have a lifespan of 3 years under average use, but due to the rubber material, they also age in contact with air, so we recommend that you check the water resistance of your watches regularly.

You can extend the life of your luxury watch while maintaining the original, factory quality! For most mechanical watches, depending on the brand, a complete maintenance is recommended after 3-5 years. This service includes disassembly, cleaning, reassembly and, if necessary, replacement and repair of worn parts and accurate adjustment of the watch.

The clock is controlled by a specially designed device. (Further multi-position computer diagnostic testing can further refine the gait characteristics of the watch.) Its regulation is assisted by a fine regulating system, which is a specific feature of the calibre. Accuracy can be adjusted almost every second by moving an eccentric slide.

Belts exposed to water, high humidity, direct sunlight for long periods of time will age more quickly and their lifespan may be significantly shortened. Even the best quality stainless steel buckles can be attacked by chemicals and cause changes in the buckle and buckle colour. These reasons can significantly shorten the life of leather, rubber or polyurethane belts. If you notice any changes in the heart of your watch, please contact us!

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